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Astrology Guide: Sun, Moon & Rising Signs

Sign in. Aria Gmitter. Zodiac February 24, Intense energy coming your way. Tarot: The Fool Listen to your intuition.

Tarot: Eight of Cups You may be asked to take on more responsibility than usual. Tarot: Five of Cups Things are coming together nicely without your influence. Tarot: Knight of Swords Be mindful as you finish up your projects.

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Tarot: Two of Swords A person or a situation presents to you an opportunity. Tarot: Queen of Wands You may feel a desire to take action more than usual.

February 24 Birthday Astrology | HowStuffWorks

Tarot: Justice Look deeply into matters before making assumptions. Tarot: Death Your true self rises to the surface. Tarot: The Fool Your friendships are essential to your success this weekend. Tarot: The Hermit Expect greater clarity and control in conversations. Tarot: Six of Pentacles You are in a position where your patience will be tested but you have to hang on and not allow your emotions to control you.

However, they carry an inner opposition that needs to be resolved through relationships, and they will mostly be serious, some of them hurt or too shy, and dependent on what they feel they deserve. This is a person who must work on their heart chakra and constantly peel off layers of protection from their emotional core, to stay open for the outer world and form loving bonds that last them a lifetime. The best profession for an individual born on February 24th falls under the realm of therapy.

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No matter if they stick to medicine, or if they choose psychology, alternative healing, or acupuncture, working with people who have deep problems brings out their best side. Coldness of Saturn could make a them a bit stiff and they feel best working alone, for this gives them clarity on their set of responsibilities, and gives them a sense of actual security. They excel at problem solving on a deep, emotional level, and will do so with their clients, friends, and family just the same, so they might as well give their efforts willingly to the world. To heal their heart's bruises and possible feelings of abandonment and unease in their emotional world, those born on February 24th may choose elestial quartz.

It is a stone that helps personal growth, making painful changes less painful and giving a sense of support by "entities" on higher planes of existence. On a physical level, this is a crystal that aids problems with bones and psyche. A person born on February 24th likes to get a traditional present just as much as a surprise packed in a lunch bag.

Depending on their personal level of growth, they will be thrilled by things used daily that are presented in a different way, given personal value, and with a deep message attached. Give them a watch, a kitchen clock for their wall, or a swiss knife to hang on their keys, but be sure to think about the meaning behind the present that will show them the understanding you have for their approach to life and their inner world.

Protective, wise, and careful, with an interest in deep and fulfilling activities and teachings. Energetic, with just enough initiative and vigor when they set their heart on something, loyal, and mature friends and partners. Depressed, shut down and distant from the rest of the world, hard to move and affect in any way. Burdened by inherited sadness, and if they don't cleanse their emotional state, they can be extremely difficult for everyone around them. Event description. Description Whoa!

What are all those crazy lines going across my natal chart? Join me in part 4 of Introduction to Astrology as we learn about aspects.

Where are Birthdate Candles made?

In this class, we will learn about squares, trines, conjunctions, oppositions, and sextiles. What do they mean in both your natal chart and in respect to what is happening in the current sky at any time? How do you calculate for aspects? This workshop will help you begin to understand not just your own birthchart but also how you relate to what is going on in the universe.

Rising Sign:

You are encouraged but not required to bring a print out of your own birthchart so you can reference how aspects manifest in your own chart. Read more Read less. Map and Directions View Map.